Here’s what meeting attendees are saying about the Dallas STEAM Explorers:

“Wonderful seminar last night. I was extremely impressed that my 13 year old son took two pages of notes. Your student may have set off a spark in my son. Thank you for these seminars; they are extremely beneficial in our home schooling curriculum. Also, the Indian cuisine was delicious! Thank so much.” 3/2/15

211 (2)

“Excellent. Appropriate terminology used for middle and high schoolers. Very helpful.” 3/2/15

“An excellent presentation. I liked learning about the effects of drugs on babies. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, guys! We’ll definitely come back for more!” 3/2/15

“I loved the size of the auditorium, how easy it was to hear the speaker, the food :), the visual aids, and the extended Q&A time. Very helpful.” 3-2-15

“I like how Mr. Saul used an arduino to program his guitar’s volume. Cool!” 2/2/15040

“Using an arduino to water plants was a cool idea. Thanks!” 2/2/15

“We really appreciated this presentation. Special thanks to the speakers and coordinator.” 2/2/15

“I wish there had been something like this when I was a kid!”  1/12/15

“Loved the pace of the presentation, the 3D models being passed around and the trick copter demo. Presenter did a great job answering questions and explaining. I am a middle school math teacher and a parent of an 11 year old daughter who is very excited about coding.” 1/12/15085 (2)

“Presentation well organized with clear direction of the lecture. The young lecturer was excellent in communicating with the audience. Applaud to the presenter. Would like to sit even in the same lecture one more time. He used the languages that non-science/math students or parents could understand without watering down the contents. Well done, and thanks to him and the organizer.” 1/12/15

“Looking forward to the next one.” 1/12/15

“People of all ages wanting to learn. Speaker’s enthusiasm and youth were inspiring. Overall, very exciting and my 14 year old son and I look forward to attending more of these. Thanks!” 1/12/15

“Presenter was very well prepared and knowledgeable.” 1/12/15

“The topic was very interesting. The speaker was well prepared with a variety of speaking points on the topic. We enjoyed seeing the 3D printer in action. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this informative session. Our whole family enjoyed it.” 1/12/15

“Great content. The presenter was really fun, and everyone was really engaged. There was a great mix of ages, and some families that had all come. Free ice cream and pizza was a plus too, of course.” 1/12/15mikehelicopter1

“Good location, good time of the evening, good topics.” 12/1/14

“It was very informative regarding progress in the computer world.” 12/1/14

darryl-1“The lecture was very challenging and informative. Enjoyed very much. Two presentations were very different in the way they were carried. I think they complemented each other. Very nice arrangement” 12/1/14

“Making helicopters safe is very interesting. The second meeting was very motivating.” 12/1/14

“I loved that Mr. Mike and Mr. Darryl encouraged us to continue in STEM professions! Looking forward to the next one!” 12/1/14

“Very interesting speakers.” 12/1/14

“Thank you so much for organizing this. We had two kids attend (7th and 9th). Neither knows what they want to do, although one is interested in engineering and math. Parents liked that the AT&T presenter shared that she didn’t follow a straight line to her career.” 11/3/14128

“He explained the many incredible discoveries being made and made a point that not everyone will get the major they expected and may make discoveries that were completely unexpected from a class they did not think they would like or need.” 10/6/14

“The nanotechnology presentation was fascinating and well prepared. I can’t wait to come next month!” 10/6/14

055“He explained the advantages and difficulties in the computer science area, disproving myths about computer science being increasingly hard and confusing.” 10/6/14